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Cure and care are different and complementary concepts in healthcare.

The former is tied to medical and scientific treatments, while the latter is associated with global caretaking of the patient and his or her needs.
Humanization strives to contribute to caretaking on various levels, applying innovative solutions that can alleviate the estrangement often caused by disease.

Our association’s name reflects its double identity: DEAR is the acronym of Design Around, but also the most basic adjective to describe a bond, a relationship.

Design, in its higher sense, revolves around people and their needs. It adapts to aspects of emotional life, hospitality and physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as more technical ones that emerge from rigorous and painstaking study, always aware of the target user’s specific characteristics.

This is why, every day, we commit to carry out activities, workshops and projects that engage patients as well as all the other stakeholders in the healthcare environment, from nurses to families.