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You can support us in many different ways!
You can become a DEAR Friend, support Robo&Bobo workshops, or raise funds with your online shopping.

Become a DEAR Friend

Thank you! We have so many new ideas we want to implement: your help is crucial in bringing them to life.

Support our projects

Thank you, it’s great to have your help! You can support the project with a single or monthly donation.

Your help contributes to turning hospitalization into an opportunity for teen and pre-teen patients to approach new technologies (3D printing, virtual reality, digital graphic design, etc.).

Your donation helps us keep workshops going, and supports our ongoing efforts to design new activities and research innovative technological material and equipment.

Support us via wire transfer

You can make your donation via wire transfer, cashier’s check or bank check, made out to:

Associazione Dear Onlus
CF 97803310016
Via Vanchiglia, 24 – 10124 Torino TO
IBAN: IT83O0335901600100000144501

Don’t forget to mention “Donation for the DEAR Onlus association” in the description, as well as your name and email address, so we can thank you and always update you on the projects we carry out thanks to your support. 

Check if your donation qualifies for tax deduction in your country: we know it does in Italy!

Support us with Helpfreely

Did you know you can help us raise funds and support us for free, thanks to your online purchases? Just start from our Helpfreely page!

  • 1Register on
    It’s free, quick and easy
  • 2Select DEAR
    Make DEAR Design Around Onlus one of your favorite non-profits!
  • 3Download the app
    It will even set reminders for you!
  • 4Buy online
    Partnering online stores include Decathlon, FlixBus, Expedia, Booking, LaFeltrinelli, Libraccio, eBay – and many more!
  • 5Donate
    It doesn’t cost you anything: a percentage of your purchases will simply be donated to our association on your behalf!

Corporate donations and support

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to design a custom project with your company.

Donations to DEAR may be tax deductible (we know they are in Italy!).
Check what the limitations and constraints are in your country, and whether payments must be made via traceable methods (Paypal, wire transfer, checks).

Tax deduction for donators (in Italy)

  • Tax deduction equal to 30% of the donation

Limit: maximum amount of €30,000

Example: by donating €10,000 you can deduct €3,000 from your taxes


  • Deduct up to 10% of your total declared income

Legal reference: art. 83 of Italian Legislative Decree 117/2017

What: tax deduction equal to the entire amount donated
Limit: none
Example: by donating €10,000 your company can deduct €10,000 from its income

Legal reference: art. 83 of Italian Legislative Decree 117/2017